… and the “no-deficit-spending-” cheat …

(ein eindrucksvolles Beispiel fuer BudgetSchwindel — lt. StGB: BETRUG — der SteuerZahlerInnen waren die “Nulldefizit”jahre der rotblauen und schwarzblauen Regierungen 1992 bis 2006: neben Verkauf von staatlichen EigentumsAnteilen an Industrie wurden Einnahmen “erzielt”, die nicht zum Budget gehoeren aber dazugerechnet wurden; nebenbei fuehrte das zu Entfall von Einnahmen von MilliardenGewinnen dieser Verstaatlichten Industrien; UND: die Goldreserven schrumpften in dieser Zeit von 650mrd auf 280mrd Euro, obwohl sich der Goldpreis mehr als verdoppelte …)

Deficit spending (?) (increasing debts) is a simple thing: “politics” want to cash more money, and for this purpose they need to “reform” things and to “change” the way their peoples live and pay
(that is independent from “political system” or (allegations of) “democracy”. It depends only on the greed of “politicians”. If you have changed frame conditions of your life, you loose control easier on what you have to pay to tax offices, banks, supermarket sales tax etc.etc.)

As long as “simple” people in the streets tolerate that, it will not change at all, with neither “political form” of “society”: the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. Police and Military will only protect, then, the wealth of the rich, of course. Rights of Solidarity can only come to existence by unity and common sense for public (minimum) dignity and equality.

CONSERVATIVES tend to complain that deficit spending “is making debts at the cost of next generations”. That is true insofar that cashing billions for each 10.000,- (monthly) for old people and their pension payments
— while making billions of deficits at the same time —
actually takes away lifetime and future of our kids and their kids.

(that has to do much with Age Hierarchies: young people, in an economic fascism as is, do not come to any income if they do not bow under “established” moneymakers, optimizing their toadiness and accepting any form of “joblife” or “joblesslife”)

BUT the “no-deficit-” policy of those same conservatives costs even more, in money AND in lifetime AND in future:

imagine a country where costs of schools and secondary (knowledge acquisition and all fields around that) are cut every year again.
(Austria does that for 15 consecutive years now;
schools and universities are not the only thing where debts and deficits — i.e. increasing debts — plays a role
but they are one of the most obvious examples and are used as an example)

Harsh “education” targets are enforced with bigger classes, sometimes even less classrooms, and less tolerance bandwidth for development of the personality.
(the german words “Bildung” and “Ausbildung” sound similar but mean controversial things:
* “Bildung” is not exactly “Education” but means offering knowledge and “working” with that knowledge including the evaluation of “work” and “result” by the individual, hopefully developing to a good person during all that as well;
* “Ausbildung” is more “Training” in the interest of an employer or other enforcer who is interested rather in “skills” and non-self-determination than in a personality: if it is a toady, good, and if it is a bad person, just “put them in jail”; for employers, this is simply the “most economical way”, usually, and any deviation from this needs non-paid personal engagement of the employer/manager;
* European Universities and Colleges SEEM ambitious to promote the “Bildung” subject — the intention of the Bologna Project —
but are pushed heavily towards the “Ausbildung” training concept in the interest of Industry and “Economy”; hardly anything is realized from what the Bologna Concept promised)

Now what does that mean for Public Budgets and for the next generation who will have to pay back debts?
(this page is not discussing if it is reasonable to make laws allowing heritage instead of securing
— for example by existence money: http://monepedia.wordpress.com/#_E_ — each individual’s right of life and standard)

As a matter of fact, our kids and their kids are deprived much more of their own lifetime and of their future
— and that is money, too, not only personal values and losses —
than what is “saved” and “cost-cut” right now.

(it is true that a simple structure element (such as the internet-predecessor arpanet) can mean more progress to decentralisation than billions of euros or dollars can do,
as for the other function of schools,
i.e. to offer possible reference partners — usually an unpaid function of teachers — for young people asking knowledge questions AND for personal support, less money means simply less possible partners;
even though
that is often an argument for teacher labor unions to get contracts with higher payment (with no benefit for jobless people nor for the students) but for this reference partner point, it is true;
for the other points, have a look at existence money: http://monepedia.wordpress.com/#_E_)

Longterm problem in short words: our kids and their kids will have to pay a multifold of what “our” conservatives in government and administration save by “cutting costs” now.

Conservative corruption clans ususally try to “cheat around”, i.e. stumbling around but not to tell a direct lie, as Martin Bartenstein, former Economic Minister of former Chancelor Wolfgang Schuessel recently did:
In this interview in Feb.2011, Bartenstein said “Restructuring (?) of debts is a circumscription of debt relief” in the context of Greece, Ireland and (“probably”) Portugal.

(these special targets have a special reason)

As for debts and budget deficits (making debts bigger), they are just statistical numbers: every Country has the power of its currency
— and is dependent on other power of other Countries if it relies/depends on imports and exports —
“Debts” of a country (to banks) correspond approx. to a King telling his rich men to pay his new palace: if the dont, they wont be rich either but the length of their heads shorter; if they want their money back and the king does not want to make his people pay back for the palace
— which means making the poor pay to the rich —
then the same alternative comes again:

Central Banks (under the Authority of governments) have the money Authority deciding over currencies, and (“normal”) banks are under the Authority of government agencies.

That means that debts are always money
it means at the same time that MONEY IS A RIGHT only

(to buy and invest, and money also reduces personal dependencies thereby).

A reasonable initial (and equal) distribution of Personal Rights for Personal Dignity is certainly a better way of living together.
And: a Person should always have priority over “legal persons” (companies, Trusts, Funds etc.)



The context of the Bartenstein interview from above:

Bartenstein is heavily involved in Kasachstan and is very interested in weakening “unstable” (i.e. more democratic) Countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland
— where he has no polit-bigwigs to ensure his moneymaking —
(France and GreatBritain are too big for Bartenstein)
better PR for East Europe and its neighbors to the East means more recognition and money for his company group.

(Bartenstein makes big money with his pharmaceutical company group in Kasachstan, under the patronance of Kasachstan President Nursultan Nasarbajew who made himself declare “Leader for Lifetime” of his Country, 2010;
Nasarbajew is suspect having prosecuted opposition and dissidents — among others — in Austria by Kasachstan Secret Agents; Shootings in open street in Vienna were among the most spectacular of these activities;
without the explicit patronance of Nasarbajew, Bartenstein would not make a penny there, at least not more than the many small shoemakers or shopowners in Astana, the capital since 1997; AlmaAta is not capital any more)

Kasachstan is not by accident among the favorite targets of Bartenstein:

Kasachstan is leading Uranium exporter, and the EU and US Nuclear Lobbies are the most important backbone of Nursultan Nasarbajew, probably it is the EU “core group” who still holds Nasarbajew in power.

Wolfgang Schuessel and Martin Bartenstein, with their “political children” Ursula Plassnik and Wilhelm Molterer, are the hardcore of the Nuclear Lobby in Austria. Against them, even Economic Minister Reinhold Mitterlehner
— following Wolfgang Schuessel as Secretary General of the Wirtschaftsbund (“Economic” Lobby of the OeVP) —
and his basic friendliness towards Nuclear Energy is hardly recognizable.

(the present conservative coalition part, lead by Josef Proell, is a subsidy of his uncle Erwin Proell, Governor of Lower Austria Niederoesterreich; Justice Minister Claudia Bandion-Ortner was judge of the highly political Elsner court process before and is a personal acquaintance of this Erwin Proell, as to be seen in every 2nd “Seitenblicke” TV magazine from 2007/2008; this group mainly relies on the Raiffeisen Group — head: Christian Konrad — and its expansion to the East; Kasachstan is the most important target following the East Europe EU Countries)

These groups — although not really friends — are in perfect unity as far as hardliner deterioriation in Europe is intended:

Schuessel co-initiated the cheat with “Terror” dangers (and the “anti-terror-” State Terror now “normal” in Europe)
— no pocket knives nor lighters/matches in air planes, and tons of shampoo and tooth cream destroyed at the “security” check —
including General Surveillance with cameras (only London has more) — Human Rights are an annoying obstacle to them, if so — and online spying without borders.

Proell is EU sceptic NOT because of these Anti-Human-Rights movements on the GO level (EU governments created the “necessary” background for national decisions; otherwise these habits would not have been implemented by half the EU)
because he would vote for less stupid commercial transport mile(million)s by trucks on the streets
because this EU is too liberal to him and his interest group.

For this same reason of East Expansion
— bringing Austria in the wonderful role of a pioneer towards new (Economic) Colonialism —
all other political movements are interested in Kasachstan as well:

Minority parties around the FPOe of HC Strache and the BZOe around Josef Bucher started positioning themselves with parliamentary questioning — provoking even Secret Service allegations — and former SocialDemocraticChancellor Alfred Gusenbauer has a Councelling Contract with (lifetime, see above) president Nursultan Nasarbajew of Kasachstan and cashes good money with that.

Gusenbauer, however, gets his money from Nasarbajew as long he consults him but is not dependent with a company group from the political system there.


A reasonable initial (and equal) distribution of Personal Rights for Personal Dignity is certainly a better way of living together. http://taxmodel.wordpress.com
And: a Person should always have priority over “legal persons”
(companies, Trusts, Funds etc.) http://ldpcorporatetax.wordpress.com

(?) Restructuring actually means
* changing the investors: other people with other money give a new time horizon for payback of the debts, having other expectations as well, compared to investors requesting their money back “right now and immediately” (enforcing a crash, under cirumstances)
* changing the time horizon of the payback plan of debts: sometimes the involved investors and banks recognize a temporary low liquidity (but high stock quantities and/or good structural development chances) and give you another year to pay back your debts
* changing the earnings situation and/or earnings structure of the debt “owner” (but this case is rather seldom)

Restructuring does not mean a debt relief: that leads to an “official” total crash (with a case before courts) and/or a partial crash with partial debt relief treaties or contracts with investors loosing money thereby. (back)

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